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Paul Wallace Winquist

Early History 1945-1950

Born 1945 to Wallace Woodro Winquist and Ione Rose Widing-Winquist in Portland Oregon USA.

Parents 2 Parents

Notice that the little prick is standing on something to look taller than mom; he is much. much, shorter.

Parents were Baptist preachers in a low budget organization (Western Baptist Missionary Alliance).

We moved several times during my early youth: Irrigon Oregon, Arbuckle California, then Bandon Oregon.

Pails & Mom 1st walk  (JPEG)
Mom and I, 1947

My dad was very hard on me, causing a serious case of PTSD, that still causes me problems.

After getting psychiatric help in about 2010, I realized that my dad was molesting a 7 year old girl, when I was 6 in Bandon Oregon. She lived in the yellow house behind the church. (The house is still yellow.)

Bandon Church
Lived here 1948-1950

Grade School Era

In 1950, dad got caned from the church and we moved to Portland Oregon (7505 SE Bybee) A super low budget Biker/Gypsy neighborhood.

7505 SE Bybee
At the time it was just a dumpy 2 bedroom house on a dirt street in a Gypsy neighborhood; there was no garage porch or sidewalks then.

The first day I walked to kindergarten by myself, the school was on fire; a traumatic experience for a 6 year old.

Woodmere Grade School
Woodmmere Grade School

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Britt, was a real ass hole old lady, so I developed a hatred for school.

For 5th grade I was transferred to the brand new Whitman Grade School, as it looks now, in 2011.

Whitman Grade School

Whitman Grade School, Portland Oregon.

Paul, Donna, and John - 1956
Paul, Donna, and John - 1956, at Grandma Widing's House

In the Summer of 1957 we moved to 1605 SE 42nd Ave., an Italian neighborhood.

1605 SE 42
1605 SE 42 Ave, Portland Oregon

We made a vacation trip to my uncle's farm in South Dakota around 1958 or 1959

1605 SE 42
Elwood's Farm around 1959

Richmond Grade School
Richmond Grade School, as it looked on 9-17-2012

Mr. Starkel was my 7th grade teacher. I didn't like reading fiction, so he allowed me to read Popular Science and Popular Electronics magazines instead. I liked to take things apart to see how they worked, and was fascinated by the electronic schematic diagrams.

The first traffic ticket I got was for riding my bicycle without a light at night, when I was 12; then had to go to a traffic class in the very old downtown jail.

My uncle, Ted Widing, gave me a speaker and amplifier from an old jukebox, so I rigged it up to an old phonograph to listen to records. The first record I ever purchased was Elvis' Golden Hits.

High School Era

Started Benson Polytechnic High School in 1959


I studied all the basic trades: sheet metal, machine shop, carpentry, pattern making, foundry, electrical, welding, automotive, print shop, architecture, etc., the first 2 years; then electronics the second two years, in depth. The second Year I worked at KBPS, the 2nd educational radio station in the world.


At age 15 my parents sent me to my uncle's farm in South Dakota to straighten out my perceived behavior problems. By this time, I was completely convinced that there was no imaginary god ; so my not wanting to pray or go to church was perceived, by my dad, as a behavior problem.

IMGP2327 KIRTs farm was Elwood's
>Elwood's Farm - As it was in (Unfortunately, Elwood got old and died.)
Elwood's Farm
Elwood's Farm - As it was in 2005
>Elwood's Farm - As it was in 2005
The Tractor My Uncle Purchased New When I Was There, 1961
The Truck I drove then, It Still runs
The Type of Car I learned to Drive With
The Actual Tractor I Used When I Was 15; It is Still Used to Pull Trailers During Harvesting

After working hard for a summer, I wanted to learn how to make machines to replace the hard farm work.

I started My college experience at Multnomah College, a two-year, private college located in Portland Oregon; established in 1897 as the Educational Department of the YMCA in downtown Portland. The school was the oldest fully accredited two-year college in the U.S. Pacific Northwest at the time it was absorbed by the University of Portland (UP) in 1969.

One of the teachers there invented the tetrode vacuum tube (I will have to find his name in my old text books.)

Tetrode Vacuum Tube

I purchased a very well used Yamagichi motorcycle, and started having fun riding around the town and the woods around town, slightly losing interest in college.

Yamaguchi Motorcycle

The next year I switched to Portland State College, Later Promoted to Portland State University. Studied Electronics Engineering. physics, and Business Administration.

PSU Demographics
Education is the Cure
My First Car was a 1950 Ford, similar to this. It was given to me by my uncle Don Widing. It was his first new car too.

Went to work for ESI, when they were still a small company on Macadam Blvd of Portland; then and continued on when they moved out to Beaverton.

Got Married to Darlene Terrell


Insert Early Married Pictures

Lived by 122nd and Halsey in Portland Oregon (same apartments as Hulk Hogan)

The Navy Years

Joined the Navy in 1968, Studied Aviation Electronics including TACAN and OMNI, UHF radios, and navigation computers. Moved to San Diego

Went to an Electronics school in Millington Tennessee. While I was there, Dr. Martin King was shot.

Area Around Tipton Tennessee
Area Around Tipton Tennessee

After a short cruse, we decided to have a baby while in San Diego.

Julie Winquist
Paul Navy Years
Paul Navy Years and A While Out of the Navy

Did some flying outside of the Navy from a WW-I Army flight instructor, and later, got a )commercial pilot's License

Piper 140
The Type of Plane I Flew Mostly - Piper 140
Piper 2

Got an FCC First Phone license to work on TV and radio transmitters, while in San Diego (Equivalent to radio engineering degree)

Went in a WEST-PAC cruse to the Gulf of Tonkin (By Vietnam) Visited Hawaii, The Philippines, Hong, Kong Sasabo Japan several times, and while there visited several cities, the Nuclear site in Nagasaki, many bars, and many whorehouses.

Beggars & Dad Kowloon China
Kowloon China Beggars

I have never shaved off the mustache, since then.

Kearsarge in Hong Kong
Kearsarge in Hong Kong
Hong Kong in 1969
Hong Kong in 1969
Hong Kong in 1969-2
Hong Kong in 1969-2 (The last one is Nagasaki Japan)
Pictures I took in 1969
Pictures I took in 1969

The Post Navy Years

The 1973-1974 Era
The 1973-1974 Era

I read in US News and World Report that Lawyers and TV repairman were tied for income. I dropped may plans to enter Lewis and Clark's law school, and opened a TV shop. (Sight and Sound Electronics, in Gresham Oregon)

Our second Baby was born: Roberta Marie

Insert more of Roberta's Pictures

Roberta 6yrs and Later
Roberta 6yrs and Later

Purchased a Kawasaki 175cc motorcycle and did a lot of riding in the woods.

Graduated from PSU in 1974, 10 years later, with a BS in business administration, specializing in real estate contract law. Continued on taking classes toward an MBA and Masters in Engineering, but got sidetracked by having fun.

The Connie Years (2 years)

I ended up divorced after being married for 9 years. I quickly moved into an apartment in Gresham and had a new girlfriend; Connie Dearixon, an artist.

Picture 072
Picture 070
Picture 096
Connie - Rooster Rock (exaggerated penis look), Oregon
Picture 096
Connie - Blue Mt. Hood
Picture 107
Connie - Blue Mt. Hood plus Creek
Picture 072 Picture 070
Connie Dearixon-Adams These are very bad photos, I will replace them later.

After a few months we went together on a house in Boring Oregon, where we could grow some bud. She was teaching Art in Portland, and I had my TV Shop in Gresham (Sight and Sound Electronics).

In 1979 I started installing the big satellite dishes, installing over 500 before moving to Los Angeles, and then about 500 more to the super-rich Jewish guys I was hanging around with..

Paul in TV repair Shop, Gresham OR. It looks a little messy, but all the items are necessary...
Lisa in Oregon
Connie and Lisa in Oregon
Connie's Daughter Lisa

Insert Family Pictures with Connie 1975-1980

She moved on to marry Bruce Adams, and had a quick son.

The Early Karen Years

Paul - Karen
Paul and Karen

Found Karen Brown; she became my secretary, and helped with the satellite dish installations, sometimes.

Sight and Sound Satellite Dish - 1980s

Insert Family Pictures with Karen 1980-1985

In 1985, I moved to Los Angeles, along with my partner, Dennis Dooley, in an attempt to ditch her; but she showed up a few days later, after driving the route from Portland to Los Angeles non-stop, except for gas.

Dennis, Karen, and myself made a lot of money installing the big dishes, working for several marketing firms.

Satellite Dishes
Satellite Dishes

After both main Retailers landed in jail, I had kept a list of all the customers, so I sent them fliers about service, so I got all the good referral customers. Most of the customers were very wealthy Jewish guys belonging to the big Temple in Encino./p>

When the pirate decoders appeared we made very good money for a while, but it became a cat and mouse game keeping them running, so there were dry spells of no income. Once Hughes and Dishnetwork announced that the little dishes were coming, the business dried up. I continued along putting systems into motels, hotels, and taverns.

When my gallbladder crapped out I was sitting around bored, so I got a job at Harmon Electronics building JBL and Infinity projection TVs as the supervisor.

Karen's two sons were with us on-and-off, in such a manner that they never got far enough into a school system to get the special reading help they needed.

We ended up getting married in Las Vegas.

In 1990, I had over $20,000 in cash from finishing a big project in Westwood, (The Blair House). We tried to purchase the house were living in, but the REIT that owned the place laughed at only having $20,000 to put down.

Blair House Westwood California
Blair House Westwood Californian (In Los Angeles)

The Hotel business was booming in Las Vegas; simultaneously Karen's sons were starting to have legal problems in Los Angeles. (Setting a dumpster on fire behind a Safeway store.)

The Early Las Vegas Years 1990-1992

Paul on Right. First Wife Darlene, and Bobie on the New Crooked River Bridge, with old Bridge in the Background. July 2001
Paul on Right, First Wife Darlene, and grandson Bobie, on the New Crooked River Bridge, With the Old Bridge in the Background. July 2001

When one of my customers, that commutes from Las Vegas to LA every week mentioned he would sell his house in Las Vegas with $20,000 down, so we checked it out, and purchased it; (on 6558 Bourbon St., 3 bedrooms with a huge pool.)(May 1990).

I was staying in another building of this hotel the night I came to deal with the paperwork for the house.

Vegas Fire
Vegas Fire May 1990
6558 NW Bourbon Way, Las Vegas, NV
6558 NE Bourbon St., as Viewed 25 years later on Google Maps Then it was grass and flowers out front.

I was commuting, every other week to LA.. I Lived in an apartment in LA, that fell in during the Northridge earthquake, after I quit commuting. The apartment split with my bedroom still up there, and the other bedroom crashed down to the parking area. It was on the news, even in Las Vegas.

After 2 years of commuting, the business of putting satellite dishes, for room TV, into hotels and motels was getting good in Las Vegas.

Robie Gets Killed

Karen's son Robie, got killed, J-walking, just outside the school crosswalk. He was in a brain dead status for 8 days while the organ vultures tried to get his organs. Eventually Karen gave in, with the stipulation that his organs would go to a kid. She got a letter 2 weeks later stating a 65-year-old man got his heart. She was pissed. The lady that mowed him down only got a ticket for speeding in a school zone. Running over pedestrians was legal then yet.)

Matt, her other son, who was in the kids jail for steeling too many cars, was let out for the day of the funeral.

It was too depressing living around the corner from where Robie was run down for Karen, so we moved again, to 1213 Charmast Lane, very close in to the strip area of Las Vegas, where all my projects were located. She was working as a medical biller for some surgeons.

1213 Charmast
1213 Charmast, Las Vegas NV
1213 Charmast - Pool 2
1213 Charmast - Pool

This house was filled with advantages and disadvantages. The seller scheduled for us to look at the house at 5:00 PM, when the freeway (I-15) is running very slow; well later, it speeds up and gets extremely noisy. The pool was quite a bit smaller, but required less maintenance. The neighborhood is filled with trees, and is in a much nicer area. Both side neighbors were pot heads, and behind us was a office building, so we had some seriously fun parties there, with no noise limitations.

Grandson Bryce, After Just Waking Up
Grandson Bryce - After Just Waking Up.JPG
Bobie with a dear
Bobie with a Dear In Oregon 2007

Both daughters were doing good, and the business was running great, so I went to Costa Rica several times.

Costa Rica Cologe
Costa Rica 2004-2012
Picture 002 Picture 003
Julie and Sarah 6-23-2007

The Big House Era

Business was running very good now, so when a real nice house became for sale in a much better neighborhood, a few blocks away, I went for it.

Both my daughters wanted to move to the big house in the Scotch 80s neighborhood, with their families, allowing us to easily make the payments.

1910 06
1910 Silver Av - Club Shaped Pool
1910 Back Yard Easter 2004
1910 Silver Ave - Taken 2003 -2006
1910 Back Yard Sept '03 Stratosphere Tower In Background
1910 Back Yard Sept 2003 Stratosphere Tower In Background
1910 front yard view -good May 2003
1910 Silver Ave - Taken 2003 -2006
Picture 002
Picture 002
1910 my yard 5-03
1910 Silver Ave - Taken 2003 -2006
1910 Snow Dec 30 2003 5-23 AM Looking Out Master Bedroom Window
Looking out Bedroom Window
1910 Silver Ave. 085 7-26-07
1910 Silver Ave. 085 7-26-07
Paul's birthday party 3-22-03 Roberta Sarah Paul
Sarah's Birthday Party; 3-22-03 Roberta. Sarah, and Paul
Paul Donna John 5-31-02
Paul, Donna, and John 5-31-02
Paul Julie Roberta 10-26-02
Paul, Julie, and Roberta 10-26-02
Paul with Earphones
Paul with Earphones In Costa Rica; working on my books.
Paul - Julie Paul Crystal 10-11-03
Julie, Paul, and Niece Crystal Winquist, Curt's Daughter 10-11-03

I was in the business of putting room TV systems into hotels and motels, peaking out at about 10,000 rooms. After Cox Cable purchased Prime Cable, the cable system was completely squared away: so I had begun to lose customers to them and Direct TV, both outfits selling TV to the hotels below my wholesale cost. I built the sports and race book TV systems at the new MGM, as a union worker; then moved to the Stardust to remodel their system from analog to digital.

Stardust Race and Sports Book Satellite Systems
Stardust Race and Sports Book Satellite Systems
MGM at opening
MGM Race Book Satellite System at Opening
Some Small Satellite TV Systems for Motels
Some Small Satellite TV Systems for Motels
hp spectrum analyser
My Main Tool - HP Spectrum Analyzer

Karen wanted to get divorced and move up to Washington, so we divorced, agreeing to pay her part of the house equity. We loaded her stuff in a Rider Truck and unloaded it in her dad's garage in Vancouver. She quickly gambled away the money ($80,000) on the stock market.

Two weeks after she was settled in, Matt, her youngest son, got shot trying to extort money from is real dad; 5 shots to the stomach, and it was still considered self defense.

She soon died of complications from smoking herself to death, eventually overdosing on methadone in her bathtub. She was down to 78 pounds, and sucking on oxygen, while still smoking several packs of Vantage 100s a day.

All good things came to an end for me when the FBI raided my office/house, my rental house with my workers living there, and many of the hotels and motels. They confiscated many computers and a lot of satellite gear for their investigation, that they never did return.

The rest of the motels, the FBI guys would pop into a little motel office with four guys wearing identical blue suites and red ties, saying, "...We are investigating this Mr. Winquist, he MIGHT be a criminal; scaring the shit out of them."

I tried to reconstruct the business, retaining the good customers, by removing the gear from the low budget Pakistani guys' motels.

After a year went by, I was charged with 10 counts of mail fraud (that is what they charge you with, if you have not commuted a crime that they have on their books and they want to put you out of business.) Therefore, I spent 2 year at La Tuna Satellite Low in El Paso Texas. on Ft. Bliss.


My attorney walked mo to jail for $7400. He basically said, "They have spent $700,000 investigating you; therefore you are guilty. I cannot stop the cooperation between the Federal prosecutors and the Federal Judges. It's the way they work."

Latuna Satellite Low is located on an aprons of the huge airstrip on Biggs Army Base, where they had the B-29s during WW-2. Part of the buildings were moved in from the former detention camp for the Germans during WW-2. There were a lot of books in German in the library, and books written in English before and during the war about Germany. I did a lot of reading, and writing by pen, for my books.

The Texans say, "If god were to give the earth and enema, he would stick it in El Paso."

La Tuna Satellite Low from Google Maps
La Tuna Satellite Low from Google Maps

Eventually, I spent 6 months in the halfway house on Industrial Boulevard in Las Vegas. I attempted to reconstruct the business, but it was impossible with the probation people stopping everything I wanted to do, because in their pea-brains, it MIGHT be a crime.

When My dad died, I expected to get a little money, that I would have re-setup the business totally legal with, but the asshole made a trust fund out of the money, for various churches and religious colleges.

End of the Big House

Oh well, life goes on. My neighbor offered to purchase my house at a very good price as the market was just starting to go down, so I took it, and moved into a condominium. (1800 Edmond St, Las Vegas)

I was given an opportunity to sell a lot of the building materials, windows, and fancy oak kitchen cupboards, and so on.

House is Gone
Empty Lot, Even the Famous Swimming Pool is Gone.(It was in Architectural Digest in 1961)
Over 150 Year Old Mesquite Tree, Going Over...
Over 150 Year Old Mesquite Tree, Going Over...
Nothing Left Except 2 Olive Trees and the Fence

On Halloween, a few weeks later, a friend of mine, that comes over on Halloween so the kids can go trick-or-treating, came to the house and pulled into the driveway. The little girl said, "PAUL'S HOUSE IS GONE!

The last year in Las Vegas

1800 Edmond Way, Las Vegas
The Swimming Pool

The little condominium and four storage units were full from the move.

2 Years of photos are missing from the various cop's raids on my computers for various reasons.

I got an opportunity to manage a little apartment complex in Hillsboro Oregon for free rent, so I threw away a lot of stuff, sold a lot of stuff, closed the business, and sold a lot of stuff. It was during the transition to digital, so a lot of equipment was becoming worthless. I threw out over $500,000 worth old analog equipment, as I cleaned out the equipment rooms.

Taking on two partners, we started a little computer shop in Hillsboro, but it didn't work out too good.

Computer Works
Computer Works
Talisman Apartments, Hillsboro Oregon 4-17-2010
Talisman Apartments, Hillsboro Oregon 8-17-2011 - Roses I Planted
Talisman Apartments 5-3-2012
Talisman Apartments 5-3-2012
Storm in Hillsboro 5-25-2012
Storm in Hillsboro 5-25-2012
Portland from the VA Hospital 8-11-2011
Portland from the VA Hospital 8-11-2011 I can't remember what I was in there for.

I started having Catherine Rasmussen as a girlfriend. We enjoy going to listen to music, and to her beach house in Rockaway Beach Oregon. We also do a lot of pleasure driving; I like to take scenery pictures, and she likes to drive.

Mt. Hood from Parkdale Oregon
Mt. Hood from Parkdale Oregon
Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach Oregon
Marsha Ball, at Squirrel's Party 9-4-2011
Water Tower - Scenery South of Hillsboro Oregon
Flowers at John Winquist's House, Tigard Oregon
Brother John - Cuz Tim Wake - Me - 8-14-2012
Brother John - Cuz Tim Wake - Me - 8-14-2012

When you are older than 65, you can go to PSU for free (auditing) so I have continued on with classes in artificial interline, agent based processing, E-book publishing, and Ethics of the Internet.

PSU and Park
PSU and Park
PSU Winter
PSU Winter
PSU Classroom 1-17-2012
PSU Classroom 1-17-2012
PSU - Green Truck
PSU - Green Truck
Donna 4-13-2012
Sister, Donna 4-13-2012
Old Brother in Law
Old Brother in Law - Greg Duvall - 8-4-2012 (Was Married to Donna Above, and is the Father of Her Kids)
Sarah 7-10-2012
Granddaughter Sarah 7-10-2012
Bill Sarah Julie 7-11-2012
Bill, Sarah, and Julie - 7-11-2012
Bob Widing 7-14-2012
Cuz, Bob Widing 7-14-2012
Floyd Siepman
Cuz, Floyd Siepman
Loraine -was Russell
Cuz, Loraine -was Russell
Joni and Jenney
Cuz, Joni and Aunt, Jenney


A Long Ways From Finished

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