What people are saying

What people are saying to me about the books....

1. You are going to rot in hell!

2. Your book is a trip!

3. You are a sick puppy. (I deleted some of the more gross stories in the first two books.)

4. Two people called the cops to tell them I am some kind of pervert that belongs in the loony bin. (The cops disagreed.)

5. Four girls/women came to my house and immediately started to remove their clothes.

6. One older man took a quick look and handed me back the book, “...I’ll be praying for you.”

7. Many people have said I will be killed by one of the Las Vegas mobsters it I publish the book.

8. Two guys mentioned that I should have more stories about Twila, Carla, and Crystal; they are 18-year-old super sexy girls.

9. Three schoolteachers said I could not publish a book with so many grammar errors: but it is written they way real people talk.

10. My brother will not even open one of the books because it might send him to hell.

11. My sister thinks there is too much cussing. (Book five and on are much mellower.)

12. One of my cousin’s wives un-invited me to the Winquist reunion in South Dakota. (A Catholic)

13. Two electrical construction workers said , roughly , “...I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar errors; it’s perfect...”

14. One woman said, “...I had the hardest climax I ever had, masturbating after reading part of your book...”

15. Samuel Clements’ (Mark Twain’s) grandson liked the books, (A legal marijuana grower in Oregon).

16 A hit-man in Las Vegas gave me many ideas, and he loved the books. (He died, after only reading the first four books.)

17. The Las Vegas mobsters never did human sacrifices. (Not that you noticed anyway. Some were super perverted.) (The appendix of books 1 2 and 3 tell what they really did, the appendix of book 4 shows what they are accomplishing now.)

18. Kind of weird.

19. The book says the Coronado is between Desert Inn Blvd. and the Stardust, which is impossible; they are adjacent. (Duh, the book is fiction.)

20. Civil debauchery that could only attract a very small niche cult audience, but send the rest of the series for me to read.

21. From the warped mind of an ADHD enjoyer.